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FUNDACIÓ PRIVADA UNIVERSITÀRIA EADA (ESCOLA D'ALTA DIRECCIÓ I ADMINISTRACIÓ), hereunder EADA, is registered in the Private Foundations Registrar of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as number 43 on the said Registrar. All rights reserved.


The intellectual property rights of campus.eada.edu, their source code, design, navigation structure, databases as well as all the different elements and contents contained therein are the property of EADA, which holds exclusive rights to exploit them in any way, and in particular, to copy, distribute, publically display and make changes to them.

These general conditions regulate access to and the use of the website campus.eada.edu, which EADA makes available to Internet users, EADA associated companies, EADAAlumni members and collaborators. By accessing any of the abovementioned websites users implicitly agree to be bound by and comply with the present terms and conditions. The use of specific services offered on these websites is governed by the specific terms and conditions corresponding to each particular case, which users are implicitly bound to comply with through their mere use of the said services.

Viewing, printing and partial downloading of contents from the web pages is solely and exclusively authorised on condition that it complies with the following terms and conditions: 1) It must be compatible with the purposes of the websitr campus.eada.edu 2) It must be carried out with the sole purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use. Any use whatsoever for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication, modification or decompilation is expressly forbidden. 3) None of the contents featured on these websites may be modified in any way. 4) None of the graphics, icons or images available on these web pages may be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other images which accompany them. EADA reserves the right to alter and update the information contained on the said websites as well as their configuration, presentation and the terms and conditions of access at any instance without any prior notice.

EADA does not warrant that there will be no interruptions or errors in accessing the abovementioned website or that its contents will always be up to date although it will do its utmost to prevent such errors, correct them and constantly keep the websites updated.

Access to these websites as well as any use that may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the users. EADA shall under no circumstances be held liable for any outcomes, damages or liabilities that may issue from said access or use of contents. EADA shall not be held liable for any possible security errors which may arise or for any possible damages to the user's computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, due to a virus in the computer which the user used to access the services and contents of the aforementioned website, or due to a malfunctioning of the navigator or the use of outdated versions.

EADA accepts no liability with respect to damages incurred by reason of the concession or the contents of links to third parties mentioned on the websites, nor does it guarantee that the said contents or links are devoid of viruses, which may alter the user's computer system (hardware and software) as well as the documents and files contained therein. This limited liability also applies to any damages of any sort incurred by the user as a result of the above.

EADA holds all copyrights for its products and services and in particular of those concerning the "EADA" registered trademark. As regards citations on these websites of products and services of third parties, EADA expressly acknowledges the corresponding copyrights of their holders. Furthermore, their simple mention or appearance on the website does not imply that EADA holds any rights or liabilities over them, nor any support, sponsorship, recommendation on the part of EADA.

Any unauthorised use or reselling of any information contained on this website as well as any breach of EADA's copyright, will be subject to legal action in accordance with the law.

In any disputes that may arise from access to the said websites, EADA and the user expressly renounce all other jurisdiction and hereby agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the user. In the event that the user's domicile is outside Spain, EADA and the user expressly renounce all other jurisdiction and agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain).


EADA maintains a policy of absolute discretion and security concerning your personal data. What follows below is our disclaimer in reference to the LSSICE (Spanish law on services in the information society) as well as concerning personal data protection and privacy.

Data Privacy

In order to access the services that EADA provides via the abovementioned websites, you need to facilitate certain personal data. In compliance with the articles of the LOPD 15/1999, of December 13th, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated and treated on EADA's files with the purpose of enabling us to provide our services to you. Furthermore, we inform you that you can exercise your rights to access, correct, cancel and oppose your personal data by writing to the address: C/ ARAGÓ 204. 08011 BARCELONA or sending an email to info@eada.edu.

In addition, in order to be able to use the said services the User hereby authorises EADA to outsource the hosting of the data gathered on its websites with third parties. In any event, EADA guarantees that these outsourced companies will be located in countries with a level of Data Protection comparable to that of Spain and after having signed a contract with these providers in accordance with Article 12 of the LOPD.


In order to access the Virtual Campus the user will be sent a user login and password to their e-mail address which they must use to log-in to the Website.

EADA will not be held liable for any misuse of the passwords that you may make as a user. It is the user's responsibility to duly safeguard the logins and passwords sent to them in order to access the sites, preventing any undue use or access by third parties.

Internships agreement

Internships enable our students to collaborate with a company and are also a way of completing their training and to continue developing their competencies in the work environment. Companies have the opportunity to incorporate young EADA talents onto their team for a specific period of time in order to take on posts in different functional areas of the company.

In order to do so, the said companies must make a request to sign an internships agreement with EADA by filling in the specific form on the website. To this effect, and in accordance with what is set down in LSSICE 34/2002, concerning the Information Society and E-commerce Services, the company's acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions of Use entails giving its express consent to EADA to process its application and to send it publicity and promotional announcements via email or any other equivalent medium.

In any event, the company may at any given moment exercise its rights to withdraw its consent by writing to EADA, C/ ARAGÓ 204. 08011 BARCELONA or sending an email to info@eada.edu.

The Information Society and E-commerce Services Law (LSSICE)

In accordance with what is set down in LSSICE 34/2002, concerning the Information Society and E-commerce Services, your acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions of Use entails giving your express consent to EADA to send you publicity or promotional announcements via email or any other equivalent communication medium. In the event that you are not interested in receiving these announcements you may inform the school by writing to EADA, C/ ARAGÓ 204. 08011 BARCELONA or sending an email to info@eada.edu.

By filling in and sending the corresponding forms on this website, the User accepts and authorises the automated treatment of their data by EADA. In the event that you enter personal data pertaining to third parties on the forms of this website you should obtain their consent in advance and inform them of all the contents outlined in the previous paragraphs, exempting EADA of any liabilities derived from noncompliance with this commitment on the part of the user.


Participation in these forums is free and open to all members of Eada's Virtual Campus but users must accept a series of basic and simple Terms of Use, which are outlined below:

General rules

There is no guarantee of the exactness, integrity and veracity of the messages. EADA assumes no liability whatsoever for the opinions and information posted by users. Its publication on the forum does not entail the recognition that the information is true or any kind of approval, consent or support. The expressed opinions solely represent the personal opinion or point of view of their authors.

The user assumes total liability to all effects and purposes for the information, opinions and the complete text of the messages they post on the forum.

Posting information that contains false information and/or information that slanders a person or an organisation is not allowed. Neither are messages with pornographic content or that are inappropriate for minors. The same applies to racist and sexist messages as well as messages that are critical towards certain social sectors and collectives.

Personal data and IP registration

EADA recommends that users do not publically post personal data as well as their email address, instant messaging, telephone number or private address. This information, in addition to being irrelevant for other users, could be misused by third parties given that it is displayed on a public website and can be easily copied.

EADA assumes no liability for its circulation, the user who has posted it being solely responsible.

Expulsion from the forum

In the event that the moderators detect that a user is breaching the terms of use, they hold due authority to caution and warn them by means of a system of penalties.

If deemed necessary they can proceed to expel the user from the forum if they consider this opportune or if the seriousness of the user's actions or their repeated breach of the terms of use calls for such a measure to be taken.

The moderators may consider eliminating the penalties of a user, if after a reasonable period of time the user has displayed a positive change in their attitude and behaviour in the forum.

Troublesome users and/or users who do not agree with the forum regulations

Any user who disrupts the proper functioning of the forum through constant complaints, contempt towards the forum moderators and/or the administration or the terms of use, shall be expelled from the forum.

As a user one may disagree with certain of these terms but it is clear that this does not give one the freedom to breach them. A breach of the terms entails the imposition of the corresponding sanctions by the moderators, who may caution the breacher or expel them directly depending on the seriousness or the repeated nature of their actions.

The deletion of messages or expulsion from the forum does not entail one to the right to contest them.

Messages created by users expelled from the forum

The messages created by a user expelled from the forum, with the exception of those which must be deleted in accordance with the Terms of Use, will be maintained, and one cannot demand that they be deleted. A message written on a free public medium is regarded as a public contribution, in this case to a collective within a framework of collaboration, providing information and details. The deletion of the said information would deprive the entire collective of access to this information.

Terms are not retroactive

Establishing or changing the terms of use for the forum does not mean that they are retroactive. If in the past certain users were expelled or penalised by the previous terms of use that were then in force, they must be aware that the present terms or any future changes to them are not retroactive in nature and that the said expulsions and penalties shall continue to apply.


Copyrights and information resources

Users of the Documentation Centre must respect the copyrights of works that are available via EADA Virtual Campus. Documents under copyright cannot be modified, adapted, manipulated, transformed, translated, nor can works be derived from them without the express permission of the author/s. EADA reserves the right to refuse access to the Documentation centre to users who infringe the copyrights of information resources.

Information resources licenses

The information resources provided by the Documentation Centre are governed by licenses agreed upon between EADA and the information providers, which stipulate that they are for academic use only and that any use for commercial purposes or for professional activities other than the School's activities, is strictly prohibited. Generally speaking, according to the licenses for electronic resources provided by the Documentation Centre, users may not:

  • Allow unauthorised users to access the information resources.
  • Modify or create works derived from the resources without the permission of the copyright holder of the materials.
  • Delete, hide or modify any resources protected by copyright.
  • Use resources under copyright for commercial purposes.
  • Download information resources on mass from the platforms which provide access to them.

Access to the Documentation Centre's services may be denied to anyone who fails to comply with the conditions of use of information resources.

In accordance with the corresponding licenses, access to the databases Passport GMID, Ft.com, and SABI is restricted to EADA course participants, faculty and personnel.


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